FORECAST considers the entanglement between environmental, social, political, and economic challenges facing the current moment.

FORECAST is an ongoing series of works. So far, it consists of…

writing projects:

*seeds are meant to disperse [to get to the future, a return to the past], 2019/forthcoming essay for Making Ecological;

*a conversation, organized as part of a research fellowship with 221A, 2020/2021 Imagining New Systems of Exchange;

*Seeds as Data (what we lose when the universal becomes proprietary) published as part of Artspeak’s BEACON pamphlet series.

artistic projects:

*Learning the Signals/Change is Coming, a participatory project + site specific installation for the Bonavista Biennale (Newfoundland), 2021. Updated in 2023 for DesignTO; and for i made it through the wilderness – Making Art Through Climate Change residency program at Gibraltar Point (2023).

*the air we breathe, a participatory project and exhibition for Gallery 44, and supported by the Edmonton Arts Council (2022).

*IT’S ALL ABOUT LETTUCE, a participatory project with Window Winnipeg (2023).

*Searching for Tethers, a participatory workshop with Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (2023).